Michael's Beginnings

Stephen and his folksStephen Michael was born and raised Steven Michael Engelstad in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The second of 7 kids, he learned early on in life through grade school, junior high and senior high, everyone was spelling his last name wrong. . . 7 kids going through the same school system, and the school still spelled all their last name wrong. Then, when Steven started performing with bands and his Magic Shows, the papers still spelled his name wrong . . . And so, the name and spelling changed for performances only to Stephen Michael!

But it was in 1965, at age 12, Stephen was watching Tony Curtis in a TV movie portraying the Greatest Magician Ever . . . . . The Great Houdini! That caught his attention, inspirations and dreams. It was during one of the commercials that magician, Mark Wilson, was advertising his “Mark Wilson TV Magic Show Kit”, and Stephen just had to have it . . . For only $19.95!

This was the start of . . . The Early Years: Making The Name . . . Michael The Magician! He began performing for family, friends, neighbors, birthday parties and kids around town who ordered the “Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Backyard Carnival Kits”. While still trying to perfect his skills, some tricks were amazing and others were comical . . . Yet he still got a laugh and an applause!

But unlike any other form of art or entertainment, Magic comes and goes. If you notice, Magic is popular for 5 to 7 years . . . It dies down for 3 to 5 years . . . And then it comes back again! Magicians must continue to grow and add to their shows. . . To improve and get bigger and better every year . . . In order to survive!Stephen

Stephen had other dreams to follow. He pursued a post-high school education, that would take him on a 12 Year Education and over a 20 Year Journey to complete. During this time . . . he found Magic back on the rise again and found himself back performing Magic with bigger routines!

But by this time . . . His mind had been Challenged by Colleges and Universities he attended. He began exploring the Supernatural, Para-Normal and the Unexplained Mysteries of Illusions. Stephen put on a Black Mask and became known as, Mr. X—The Mystery Man of Magic. Only later to change to . . . The Phantom Magician! And so became The Transition Years: Making The Mystery . . . The Phantom Magic Show.

And again . . . Magic started to vanish in popularity! The Unknown Magician appeared on the scene in the early to mid 90?s . . . Exposing secrets to the simple tricks. Many Magicians were in an uproar trying to expose his identity . . . But his main purpose and goal had been accomplished . . . To Challenge Magicians Worldwide to develop . . . New . . . Better . . . Bigger and More Exciting Illusions to keep Magic Alive . . . And they did just that!

Since then, Magic and Magicians have had the longest solid run of popularity since Magic Legends walked the earth. . . Like Houdini . . . Thurston . . . Kellar . . . And Blackstone!

Stephen began to build and rebuild his shows in 2005. He continues to add New Illusions to his shows every year. This becomes The Final Chapter . . . The Final Stage . . . The Spectacular Years: Making The Spotlight. . . Stephen Michaels Magical Tour—A Journey Through the Magical Years!

Steven holds multiple degrees and certificates as an Applied Industrial Psychologist, with minors in Speech/Communication and concentrations in Public Relations/Human Resource Management. He has attended 8 different colleges and universities . . . Totaling 12 years of education over a 20 year period!

Stephen and his assistantSteven has been performing Magic since 1965 . . . And is an active member with the International Brotherhood of Magicians 2007 , and Sponsored by Magician and Illusionist Kevin Spencer of The Spencers Theatre of Illusions. The Spencers Theatre of Illusion is a show you must see if it comes into your area. You can find their Tour Dates on www.SpencersMagic.com. Steven recently appeared in the IBM?s monthly May 2007 magazine issue, The Linking Rings.

Steven prefers to perform his shows on the road to small town America. For those who may not be able to afford to travel to Las Vegas or other places to see such a show. This gives him more satisfaction than performing in Las Vegas or on television . . . And he will continue to do so. Between shows at Casinos . . . Cruise Ships . . . State & County Fairs . . . And Small City Celebrations . . . Steven is at home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

He enjoys the outdoors . . . And is a avid Successful Deer Hunter in Bow, Rifle and Black Powder Hunting. He also enjoys spending time with his son and daughter-in-law, Troy and Kari, his 2 Grandchildren, Bailey and Blake, and his daughter, Tara. He also enjoys Tent Camping in the woods on weekends when not performing his shows.

But Most of all . . . He loves Magic!

As he ventured deeper and deeper into Magic . . . Illusions . . . And Escape . . . He realized and started noticing . . . That along with his educational background in Psychology . . . The study to understand human behavior . . . He was able to talk to people and analyze them and know exactly what their personalities and descriptions were. Sometimes . . . The signal was so strong . . . He could even read their minds!
Is this Real? Or is this an Illusion? Is it Magic? Or is it dealing with . . . Mind Reading . . . ESP . . . . . The Supernatural And the Para-Normal?
You be the Judge!

Come see his Show and decide for yourself . . . . .